For the surname: OXENBOULD

Full Name Suburb State Year
Kathleen OXENBOULDMosmanWestern Australia1980
Louisa OXENBOULDWestern Australia1980
Marjorie OXENBOULDWestern Australia1989
Alison OXENBOULDat BelroseWestern Australia1987
Edna OXENBOULDCremorneWestern Australia1991
Howard OXENBOULDat St Leonards, MosmanWestern Australia1984
John OXENBOULDin Adelaide, formerly of Chatswood and InglesideWestern Australia1977
John OXENBOULDat Adelaide, South AustraliaWestern Australia1977
Katherine OXENBOULDWestern Australia2003
nee OxenbouldMelbourne
June OxenbouldMelbourne