Search Australian Names

Namessite portal provides the ability for the general public to search Australian Names and update information about people. The Namessite site is based around the Australian population of names, and sources the names from a variety of sources allowing the general public to search for childhood, teenager, adult friends or any relationship.

It also allows the general community to add appropriate data to assist others in obtaining appropriate information typically around Birth Notices, Death Notices and Funeral Notices.

Areas of functionality


This area is for the general public to;

  • View all the names in the Namessite repository 
  • Upon finding an individual you are interested in, you can get ‘more details’ or ‘add details’ to the record.
  • Add Comments about the person you are searching for in the database.
  • Add Links about the person you are searching for in the database.

There is no cost to do this.

Please go here or click on the Listing tab…


 This is the area registered users (still no cost) can;

  • Quick search of database and get the details of individual records
  • Update records to provide more information
  • Insert new records to assist others

Please go here

Namessite has evolved and offers the following for users and best of all everything we provide is free.
Namessite also offers services to commercial companies where they can get bulk access to the records. If you are interested in a relationship of data sharing with Namessite – please contact us using the form.