For the surname: OXLADE

Full Name Suburb StateYear
Anthony OXLADECasulaWestern Australia1994
Arnold OXLADEat Royal Hobart HospitalSouth Australia2005
Dorothy OXLADEVictoria2005
Gloria OXLADEPinjarra Hills, formerly of EnoggeraQueensland2003
Irene OXLADEat ManlyWestern Australia1985
Jessie OXLADEBalgowlahWestern Australia1975
Lionel OXLADEQueensland2005
Margaret OXLADESouth Australia2006
Netta OXLADEBalgowlahWestern Australia1994
Ruth OXLADEWestern Australia1993
Damien OXLADEAdelaideSouth Australia
Damien OXLADEAlice SpringsNorthern Territory
Eileen OXLADEAdelaideSouth Australia