For the surname: LYNES

Full Name Suburb State Year
Christiana LYNESWestern Australia1946
Elizabeth LYNESSydney, formerly of Medlow Bath and GhanaWestern Australia2006
G LYNESMalua BayWestern Australia1965
George LYNESMalua BayWestern Australia1965
Harold LYNESVictoria2004
John LYNESKingsford, formerly of Medlow Bath and Accra, GhanaWestern Australia2002
Kathleen LYNESLeetonWestern Australia1990
Mary LYNESChelmer, formerly of AnnerleyQueensland2001
Norm LYNESVictoria2004
Norman LYNESVictoria2004
Sylvia LYNESat Hervey BayQueensland2004
Sylvia LYNESat Masters Lodge Hervey Bay, Qld, formerly of FosterVictoria2004
Sylvia LYNESat Masters Lodge, Hervey Bay, QldVictoria2004
Ralph LYNESVictoria2010
The LYNESVictoria2010