For the surname: EYRE

Full Name Suburb State Year
Frederick EYREMt Hutton, formerly of Marks PointWestern Australia2004
Cliff EYREWestern Australia2000
Jillian EYREWestern Australia1995
John EYRENewmarket, formerly of Stafford and RedcliffeQueensland2001
Lorna EYREForestville, formerly of NorthbridgeWestern Australia1979
Louisa EYREMosman, formerly of Crows NestWestern Australia1997
Marguerite EYREWestern Australia2000
Marjorie EYRETarrangindiQueensland2001
Mark EYRECarlingfordWestern Australia1990
Mary EYRETaren PointWestern Australia1988
Norman EYREat Buronga, formerly of LoftusWestern Australia1978
Ormond EYRECoogeeWestern Australia1994
Raymond EYREWestern Australia2006
Robert EYREChatswoodWestern Australia1987
Robert EYREBlue Haven Lodge, InghamQueensland2003
Robert EYREBondi BeachWestern Australia1976
Robert EYREBrighton Le SandsWestern Australia2002
Rose EYREat Ross, Tasmania, formerly of CessnockWestern Australia2003
Shirley EYREBrighton Le SandsWestern Australia2003
Stanley EYRENorthbridgeWestern Australia1991
Stephen EYREformerly of MontereyWestern Australia1999
Vera EYREBuderim, Qzzzzzld, formerly of LindfieldWestern Australia1994
Verna EYRECammerayWestern Australia1984
Violet EYREMontereyWestern Australia1997
Walter EYREat Royal North Shore HospitalWestern Australia1979
Walter EYRECurrarong, formerly of NaremburnWestern Australia1994
William EYREEast WilloughbyWestern Australia1975
William EYREKiama, formerly of Norfolk, EnglandWestern Australia1984
Winifred EYREWestern Australia1979
Winifred EYREWestern Australia1996
Jane EYREWestern Australia2003
Jane EYREStrathfieldWestern Australia1986
Douglas EYREWestern Australia2001
Douglas EYREWestern Australia2006
Eileen EYREWestern Australia2002
Elsie EYREat AvalonWestern Australia1982
Ena EYREat Grace VillaVictoria2005
Erna EYREWestern Australia2000
Florence EYREBeaconsfieldWestern Australia1991
Frank EYREWaratahWestern Australia2004
Frank EYREWestern Australia1974
Gladys EYREPlumpton, formerly of KingsfordWestern Australia2001
Gloria EYREWestern Australia1997
Grace EYRECurrawong, formerly of SydneyWestern Australia1985
Adi EYREBonnet Bay, formerly of FijiWestern Australia1986
Allan EYREWestern Australia1997
Amelia EYREat PaddingtonWestern Australia1900
Annie EYREWestern Australia1952
Annie EYRESt. Bedes, South HurstvilleWestern Australia2000
Bernadette EYREClontarfQueensland2000
Brian EYREBracken RidgeQueensland2000
Christine EYREWestern Australia2006
Clara EYREWestern Australia1994
David EYREChinchilla, formerly of JundahQueensland2001
David EYREBurwoodWestern Australia1979
Gwenda EYRENormanhurst, formerly of Kiama, Norfolk (England) and WollongongWestern Australia1995
Harry EYREat Prince of Wales Hospital, Randwick, CoogeeWestern Australia1972
Isadore EYREat A.G.H. MerrylandsWestern Australia1946
Izak EYREQueensland2001
Jack EYREWestern Australia2000
Jackie EYRESouth Australia2005
Jackie EYRESouth Australia2005
Jackie EYRESouth Australia2005
James EYRERutherford, formerly of Nords WharfWestern Australia2003
Margaret EYREat Manchester, EnglandWestern Australia1973
Francis EYREat Manly District Hospital, CollaroyWestern Australia1974
Raymond EYREWestern Australia2006
He EYREWestern Australia2006
Valerie EYREVictoria2007
Val EYREVictoria2007
Valerie EYREVictoria2007
Valerie EYREVictoria2007
Valerie EYREVictoria2007
Donald EYREQueensland2008
Donald EYREQueensland2008
Donald EYREQueensland2008
Donald EYREQueensland2008
Donald EYREQueensland2008
Richard EYREQueensland2008
Richard EYREQueensland2008
Joan EYREVictoria2009
Edmund EYREQueensland2010
Darrell EYREVictoria2010
nee EyreMelbourne
sexton EyreMelbourne
Patricia EyreMelbourne
May EYREMelbourne
nee EYREAdelaide
Nora EYREAdelaide
Daphne EYREBrisbane
Mary EyreMelbourne
Wayne EYREBrisbane
Irene EYREMelbourne
Gertrude EYREAdelaideSouth Australia
Francis EYREBrisbaneQLD
Francis EYREBrisbaneQLD
Francis EYREBrisbaneQLD
Francis EYREBrisbaneQLD
Kerry EYRE
Kerry EYRE
Kerry EYRE
Kerry EYRE
Kerry EYRE
Kerry EYRE
Kerry EYRE
Kerry EYRE
Kerry EYRE
Keith EYRE
Keith EYRE