For the surname: EVES

Full Name Suburb State Year
Alfred EVESCoogeeWestern Australia1980
Alice EVESWahroonga, formerly of Lane CoveWestern Australia1993
Anthony EVESOrchard Hills, formerly of CranebrookWestern Australia2001
Arthur EVESWestern Australia1998
Bernie EVESWestern Australia1996
Cecil EVESWestern Australia1998
Charles EVESCoogeeWestern Australia1982
Donald EVESBeecroftWestern Australia1975
Dorothy EVESBooker Bay, formerly of LilyfieldWestern Australia1991
Dulcie EVESCoogeeWestern Australia1968
Eileen EVESHeathcoteWestern Australia1995
Ernest EVESPeakhurstWestern Australia1996
Evelyn EVESWinston HillsWestern Australia1997
Francis EVESHaberfieldWestern Australia1975
Frederick EVESCampbelltownWestern Australia1995
Gordon EVESat Wendy Hucker NH, Wagga WaggaWestern Australia1995
Gwendoline EVESBallina, formerly of CronullaWestern Australia1987
Harry EVESWestern Australia1994
Hec EVESWestern Australia1980
Herbert EVESBexleyWestern Australia1972
Ida EVESCampbelltownWestern Australia2001
Iris EVESBeecroft and Wentworth FallsWestern Australia1982
James EVESHurstvilleWestern Australia1992
James EVESCastle HillWestern Australia1978
Joan EVESKingsfordWestern Australia1988
Margaret EVESCoogeeWestern Australia2003
Marion EVESBallina, formerly of Wagga WaggaWestern Australia1993
Mary EVESat St Vincentzzzzzs Hospital, SydneyWestern Australia1975
Mary EVESBondiWestern Australia1975
Maureen EVESCronullaWestern Australia1975
Mildred EVESat Clearview Manor, Palm GardensSouth Australia2006
Minnie EVESWahroongaWestern Australia1973
Mirian EVESBexleyWestern Australia1977
Patricia EVESPeakhurstWestern Australia2002
Reginald EVESCronulla, formerly of ToukleyWestern Australia1973
Reginald EVESLeichhardtWestern Australia1986
Rosa EVESRydalmereWestern Australia1982
Sydney EVESPoint ClareWestern Australia1976
Terese EVESat Long JettyWestern Australia1988
Terry EVESWestern Australia2006
Thelma EVESDavistownWestern Australia1991
Vera EVESHurstvilleWestern Australia2005
Veronica EVESParramatta, formerly of LeichhardtWestern Australia1977
Ray EVESParramattaWestern Australia1989
George EVESHurstvilleWestern Australia2001
FRIENDS EVESSouth Australia2006
Trevor EVESSouth Australia2007
Trevor EVESSouth Australia2007
FAMILY EVESSouth Australia2007
David EVESWestern Australia2009
Hazel EVESQueensland2010
Magnus EVESMelbourneVictoria
Jake EVESTownsville
Betty EVESSydney
Daisy EVESAdelaide
Rose EvesMelbourneVictoria
John EVESSydneyNew South Wales2014
Peter EVES
Peter EVES
Peter EVES